Corona Plugins FAQ

The following FAQ aims to answer the most common questions relating to our Corona Plugins.

Q. What do I do with my License key? Where do I enter it?

A. All of our plugins have a function named “init”. This function takes a table as an argument. You enter your license key as the value of the key “licenseKey”. For example:

Q. How long does a license last for?

A. We are currently not imposing any license expiry restrictions. So there is currently no license expiry date.

Q. Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my plugin in production mode?

A. Yes, you do need an active internet connection on the device using the plugin, so we can validate your license credentials on our servers. Some plugins require an internet connection to function, defined by the service itself. For instance the PayPal plugin requires an active internet connection to connect to PayPal’s servers to send payment details for example.

Q. What happens if Coronalabs opens their own Plugin Marketplace?

A. If Coronalabs were to open it’s own plugin marketplace, we would simply move our plugins over to their system. Doing this would not affect your license, as we would retain your license details on our servers. When they expire you would then presumably purchase our plugins from Corona’s marketplace, should they make one. This would not incur any interruption of service.

Q. I am having a problem with one of your plugins, who do I contact for help?

A. If you are having problems with any of our plugins, you can visit our dedicated forum pages for help. We monitor these forums on a daily basis and will reply to any questions asap. You can find the forums in question here.

Q. Who are you guys?

A. We are a small team who are passionate about the Corona SDK and software development as a whole. Danny Glover, the lead programmer and CEO of Gremlin Interactive™ is a former Corona Labs Plugin/Framework Engineer who takes great pride in his work and strives for perfection in every possible way.